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Through this website design consultants can:

  • Register interest in future projects and provide updated contact information.
  • View background information about working with Signal Management Group and the structure of projects under our management.
  • Download Signal's logo for use on drawings and in submissions.


Working with Signal Management Group

Signal Management Group undertakes projects using a Project and Construction Management methodology. There is no main contractor involved in the project and each trade contractor will be engaged separately by Signal on behalf of the client.

The scope of services required from designers is different to that typically sought from consultants (for instance contract administration and payment certification is carried out by Signal, not by the designer).

For design consultants this means

  • Signal is the client's agent representing the client and managing the entire project process on their behalf, from briefing and construction to commissioning and operation
  • As Project Manager Signal will engage, co-ordinate and manage designers
  • There is no principal design consultant. Each and every consultant is engaged separately by Signal on behalf of the client
  • Each engagement contract for designers will be directly with the client, not Signal
  • Signal has specific requirements for design documentation. These will be listed in the scope of services documentation provided when submissions for design services are requested
  • Signal's Project Manager will work closely with design consultants in the production of documentation. Drawings and specifications should be produced in draft for review by the Project Manager prior to issue for tendering
  • Tendering, awarding and administration of contracts will be undertaken by Signal
  • During construction, Signal will provide many of the things normally provided by the main contractor, including management of the site and co-ordination of all trade contractors
  • Instructions, directions and responses to queries must not be accepted from anyone other than Signal's Project Manager
  • Instructions must not be issued directly to the contractor by design consultants. 
  • Monthly claims must be provided to Signal by the 3rd of the month so that they can be included in the client's payment. Failure to do so will mean claims cannot be paid until the following month

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