Signal Management Group offers a comprehensive project delivery solution through two core services, Project Planning, and Project and Construction Management. These services are integrated to provide a cohesive management strategy and single point of accountability, to take your project from an idea to reality - essentially a 'one-stop shop'.

Project and Construction Management

Project and Construction Management is an internationally recognised and locally proven method of project delivery. Within New Zealand it has established an unrivalled reputation based upon its consistent ability to outperform "traditional" methods.

The flexibility and control benefits of Signal's approach ensure projects are completed on time, under budget and to the highest level of quality.
The key differentiation between Signal's Project and Construction Management service in comparison with other systems are:

  • Our proactive "hands on" systems that ensure control to drive the project forward rather than simply monitoring and reporting on past activities.
  • Our Project and Construction Management methodology for the delivery of construction.

Project & Construction Management Methodology

Rather than tender the project to a few main contractors, Signal breaks the project down into each and every individual trade package - ie demolition, carpentry, concrete work, electrical, painting, floor coverings and so on.

Tendering is generally undertaken on a progressive basis as each trade is required for the project. Each trade is competitively tendered to the widest range of appropriately qualified contractors and suppliers and allows smaller local contractors, who are often more efficient and competitive, to compete for work.
Signal evaluates each individual trade tender and reports details of the analysis and a recommendation for the awarding of contracts to our clients.Signal's system is completely open book and transparent. Signal formally reports to the client on the status of all time, cost and performance aspects of the project.

Tendering Process

Tendering is undertaken with smaller and more efficient packages on a trade-by-trade basis. All contractors receive detailed contract documents, specifications, drawings, and programes via our on-line TenderBook function. This results in tight contractual packages won by the most efficient contractors.

On Site Construction Management

During construction Signal's Construction Manager is located on site to programme and co-ordinate site activities. This ensures minimum disruption to the clients, business, controls quality and site safety and drives construction.

Transparency and Accountability

Transparency, accountability and performance are fundamental to the service we provide to you. We utilise the latest systems and techniques to control, manage and track your project and provide full open-book cost control including business feasibility and concept design costs, cash-flow forecasting, analysis and approval of contract variations, assessment of payments to contractors and suppliers, forecasting of costs to completion and reporting on the status of approved and committed projects costs.

Our online ClientSpace function provides you with direct access to project information. This, along with our TenderBook process (which provides contractors and consultants with easy online access to tender and design documentation), demonstrates our commitment to utilising the latest cutting edge technology to maximise transparency, value and efficiency for our clients and project partners.


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