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Taieri College - Merger Projects

The Ministry of Education (MOE) engaged Signal Management Group to manage a two stage development to merge the Mosgiel Intermediate School (year 7 and 8) with Taieri College (year 9 to 13) as part of the Taieri area rationalisation programme.

Stage One encompassed planning a $2.5M, 14 classroom block on a green fields site. This had formed part of the Taieri College site prior to the pending merger decision by the Ministry of Education. The project was to be designed and constructed in an extremely tight timeframe.

Key influences in the design of Stage One included:

  • Classrooms designed around a central "hub", divided by a removable partition allowing the classrooms to share either a central space in isolation or with other classrooms
  • Providing a secure, yet integrated, site for the year 7 and 8 students
    Selection of building materials and methodology which would facilitate fast construction.
  • In addition to this work Signal managed the upgrade of the existing heating system. This encompassed replacing of the boilers ($250K) and upgrading the horticultural facilities ($190K).

Stage Two involved the planning and construction of a new technology block ($2.35M) for year 7 and 8 students. It included new hard materials, textiles and food technology classrooms.

Key influences in the design of this complex included:

  • Design allowing easy access for neighbouring schools sharing the technology facilities
  • Design creating a permanent and technological feel to the college
  • Integrating the design to link with the existing technology facilities

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