Are You H&S Compliant?

'I think this is probably the most positive Health & Safety site review I've written in many years; as you'll read I was impressed'. Relating to the Millbrook West Stage 3B project at Millbrook Resort these independent auditor's summary comments prompted Signal's client (Ben O'Malley, Property & Development Manager) to add, 'this is a great report in what is an evolving (H&S) compliance landscape. As this report attests there is always room for improvement and that will be a constant task on every site. I commend Signal on the proactive response to this changing H&S regime'.

Signal takes Health & Safety seriously. Are you up to speed?

Whether you are a client, board member, contractor, consultant, project manager or supplier, pending changes to Health & Safety legislation in 2015 will usher in a new era of 'collective responsibility' for Health & Safety on sites and in the workplace. All project participants will need to have the necessary Health & Safety procedures in place and fully understand the severe penalties for non-compliance.

In a Health & Safety context Signal is committed to protecting both its wider company, and its client's project specific, interests. To this end Signal has engaged an independent Health & Safety consultant to advise on continuous improvements to its Health & Safety procedures. For each and every project Signal prepares a detailed Site Safety Management Plan which is specifically tailored to accommodate the Health & Safety requirements of the client….. it's that important.

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